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5 Breast Augmentation Scar Treatment Tips

One of the most difficult things someone can go through after having a successful breast augmentation procedure performed is to unwrap the surgical dressings for the final time only to discover what will be a tremendous scar. Even when the … Continue reading

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What To Eat To Promote Wound Healing and Reduce Scarring

What should I eat to promote healing and reduce scarring? That’s what I asked the medical personnel when I was in the hospital a few years ago. Because I had various cuts and surgical wounds on my face and body … Continue reading

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Facelift Scar Treatment

Most facelift scars, located in front of the ears, are hardly noticeable or not visible at all. The location of the facial incisions ensures such scars are only visible during the first weeks after surgery. The incisions are commonly lined … Continue reading

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Studies on Prescription Vitamin A Creams (Retinoic Acid) for Scars

Vitamin A comes in several forms. The strongest is called retinoic acid which, because of its strength, may cause adverse reactions. Therefore, this active form of retinol is not suited to all skin types. Retinoic acid creams are only available … Continue reading

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