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MatriStem Wound Powder and Wound Care Matrix

Question: How to regrow a severed finger in 4 weeks? (as seen on the Oprah Winfrey show.) Answer: by using Matristem Wound Powder and a Band-Aid. What is Matristem Wound Powder? Matristem wound powder is an innovative regenerative medicine. It … Continue reading

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Support Scar Healing with Post Surgery Compression Garments

Before silicone sheeting became widespread, pressure therapy has been the appropriate method to treat (burn) scars. During the nineteenth century the use of pressure in the treatment and prevention of hypertrophic scars or keloids became popular. Compression garments, made from … Continue reading

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Prevent Scars with Wound Tissue Regeneration

This may sound unbelievable but just like salamanders are able to grow back their tails medical science is now capable of growing back fingertips and other tissue. Several cases have demonstrated tissue regeneration in human beings. Here’s a short Youtube … Continue reading

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How To Prevent Post-Surgery Scars in Children

Thanks to biopharmaceutical company Renovo we could possibly speak of a small revolution in the scar treatment sector. The leader in the discovery and development of drugs to reduce scarring, improve wound healing and enhance tissue regeneration aims to be … Continue reading

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ScarGuard MD Review

ScarGuard MD ScarCare is a silicone* based cream that dries to a thin film after application. Scarguard Labs (the manufacturer) states that: “many doctors use ScarGuard MD for old, raised scars, keloids, and to help prevent scar tissue from forming … Continue reading

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