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Best Treatment For Raised Scars

The best, and actually only proven effective, risk-free, treatment for raised scars is topical silicone gel sheeting. In this study, published in Dermatologic Surgery in 2001 researchers conclude: Topical silicone gel sheeting, with a 20-year history of satisfaction in dermatology, … Continue reading

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Facelift Scar Treatment

Most facelift scars, located in front of the ears, are hardly noticeable or not visible at all. The location of the facial incisions ensures such scars are only visible during the first weeks after surgery. The incisions are commonly lined … Continue reading

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Stage Two Liposuction Compression Garments

After a liposuction procedure it is commonly recommended to wear compression garments. There are two types; stage one* or medical garments and stage two or aesthetic garments. They can be used following various procedures such as abdomen, breast, back, and … Continue reading

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Will Recurrent Keloids Soon Be History?

Especially keloid scars have a tendency to grow back. Even after they have been removed surgically. But soon a new medicine for the prevention and reduction of scarring following scar revision surgery may end the problem of recurrent keloids. The … Continue reading

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Retinol Creams Useful in Scar Treatment?

A few studies have demonstrated that topical retinoic acid (the strongest form of vitamin A) has beneficial effects on scar appearance. However, because of the, sometimes serious, possible side effects associated with this type of treatment its use is disencouraged … Continue reading

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Studies on Prescription Vitamin A Creams (Retinoic Acid) for Scars

Vitamin A comes in several forms. The strongest is called retinoic acid which, because of its strength, may cause adverse reactions. Therefore, this active form of retinol is not suited to all skin types. Retinoic acid creams are only available … Continue reading

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Biodermis Epi-derm Silicone Sheets

Biodermis, Epi-derm silicone scar sheets are made of medical-grade silicones. These doctor-approved scar treatment products are used by hospitals, cosmetic surgeons, burn care practitioners, dermatologists, and other health care professionals. They are FDA and C.E. (Europe) approved, breathable and permeable … Continue reading

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Keloid Scar Treatment

Keloids (keloidal scars) are thick, lumpy, and grow beyond the borders of the original wound site. Contrary to other scars keloids commonly appear approximately two months after injury. They may continue to grow and thus cover relatively large areas of … Continue reading

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Heart Surgery Scar Treatment

A great deal of people, especially children find it difficult having to cope with a heart surgery scar. A Canadian (2006) study of adults with this type of scar reported that 58% of the respondents saw themselves as “disfigured,” but … Continue reading

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