Scar Treatment Myths

Mederma really works on scars.
A few, limited, clinical trials have focused on onion extract, one of the main ingredients in Mederma scar cream. They did not show benefits from topical use of onion extract regarding scar height, thickness, redness (erythema) and itch (pruritis).  Mederma performed no better than plain petroleum gel (Vaseline).

Vitamin E does help get rid of scars.
Although this assumption is very popular it isn’t correct. In fact studies have shown that the topical use of vitamin E (e.g. by opening capsules and applying the contents on the scar tissue) may cause skin irritation. This may lead to an worsened scar appearance. For more info see this New York times article.

Sunshine improves scars
Old scars, those which are already flat and white or skin color can be exposed to the sun. Fresh, immature scars should be protected from UV radiation because it is detrimental to scars.

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