Prevent Scars with Wound Tissue Regeneration

Weller's Salamander

Photo by Howcheng

This may sound unbelievable but just like salamanders are able to grow back their tails medical science is now capable of growing back fingertips and other tissue. Several cases have demonstrated tissue regeneration in human beings.

Here’s a short Youtube video about how doctors were able to regrow the severed top part of a little boy’s thumb with the use of wound tissue regeneration.

Acell, the manufacturer of innovative tissue regeneration products (MatriStem) states that their products “promote cell development and regeneration of site specific tissue, may recruit adult progenitor cells, and reduce scarring and restore tissue to its normal state and function.”

Progenitor cells (like stem cells) have a tendency to differentiate into a specific type of cell. In contrast to stem cells, however, they are already far more specific because they have the ability to differentiate into site specific tissues such as muscle, skin, tendons, and bone.

Commonly two types of tissue regenerative agents are used. Wound powder and biodegradable scaffolds which are matrix structured dressings which foster the regeneration of new tissue that resembles the original tissue in structure and function.

According to the wound healing page on Wikipedia: “biodegradable scaffolds inhibit wound contraction, thereby allowing the healing process to proceed towards a more-regenerative/less-scarring pathway.”

Problematic wounds such as diabetic, venous, arterial, and pressure ulcers, traumatic wounds, first and second degree burns, and surgical wounds can benefit from this fairly new type of treatment.

Since they are said to reduce scarring and even prevent scars from developing, as impossible as it sounds, patients might want to ask their surgeon, dermatologist, or other health care professional about this treatment. MatriStem Wound Matrix is available on Amazon but can only be purchased by keepers of a pharmacy license.

Read more about the miraculous opportunities modern medical science has to offer in this CNN article: Woman’s persistence pays off in regenerated fingertip. There are some tips on how to be a proactive patient and how to contribute to getting the most optimal treatment available today. Or as stated in the article; realize your doctor doesn’t know everything.

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