Post Op Breast Augmentation Recovery

After a breast augmentation you’ll want to take care of your scars as best as possible. Luckily there are silicone sheets and creams that will not only help you improve scar appearance but also prevent ugly scars such as keloids and hypertrophic scars from developing. Apart from scar treatment there are some other post op recovery modalities to consider.

Generally surgeries such as breast augmentation but also liposuction and other operations leave dark bruises. Things like specialized creams that reduce swelling and bruises, recovery inducing vitamins and minerals will help you heal and revitalize. Not only will your surgical wounds heal faster but your immune system (which is affected by surgery) will get a boost.

Reduce Breast Augmentation Swelling and Bruising
A commonly used and recommended cream to reduce post-op bruises and swellings is herbal Arnica cream.

Arnica (Arnica montana) has been used as a dermal therapy for centuries. Other topical uses are relief of sprains, muscle aches, rheumatic pain, inflammation, and wound healing. For more info on this substance visit this website from the University of Maryland.

Bromelain, another herbal extract derived from the stem of the pineapple plant, is a protein-digesting enzyme. Bromelain is used to treat and prevent acute inflammation (swelling).

Vitamins and Minerals for Optimal, Accelerated Postoperative Healing
There’s a whole range of vitamins and minerals that play a crucial role in post-op recovery. Some of these provide a synergistic effect. Quercetin for example enhances the effect of Bromelain by decreasing the release of inflammatory mediators (such as histamine) thus playing a role in swelling reduction. Quercetin is an antioxidant that has powerful natural anti-histamine, and anti-inflammatory properties.

The intake of dietary supplements such as the aforementioned vitamins and minerals before and after surgery will lead to more satisfying cosmetic results. Since surgery is a stressful procedure that has a major impact on the human body it is important to build your nutrient reserves with essential supplements. This way you are helping your body to repair itself faster, promote better wound healing, limit scarring, and reduce the risk of infection.

All-in-one Post Op Recovery Kit
There are products available that combine all the crucial properties of the agents mentioned here. The VitaMedica Plastic Surgery Pre/Post Program is a specifically designed package for post op (breast augmentation) recovery. It contains a silicone-based scar cream, two dedicated swelling and bruising reducing creams, and a carefully composed package of vitamins and minerals.

Buying New Bras After Surgery
Commonly breast augmentation swellings will be resolved within a couple of weeks. It may take a bit longer though this depends on the type of surgery, e.g. subglandular or submuscular augmentation. The latter takes more time to heal. Before you start buying new bras it might be best to wait until the swellings are gone. Many cosmetic surgery clinics provide post op bras. Ideally they are supportive, but not too tight.

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