MatriStem Wound Powder and Wound Care Matrix

ACell logoQuestion: How to regrow a severed finger in 4 weeks? (as seen on the Oprah Winfrey show.)
Answer: by using Matristem Wound Powder and a Band-Aid.

What is Matristem Wound Powder?
Matristem wound powder is an innovative regenerative medicine. It is made from the extracellular matrix (ECM) material that naturally occurs in pig bladders (pigs tissue has a collagen structure that is nearly identical to that of human tissue). Which is why this new product is sometimes popularly called pig powder.

What is this Extracellular Matrix?
Extracellular matrix is a network of biomolecules (mostly proteins) which hold the cells together. It is sometimes compared with a scaffold because it supports construction and repair on a cellular level.

Instead of the normal healing process which involves scabbing and scarring it stimulates cellular regeneration (promotes rapid donor site remodeling). This means that thanks to this medical innovation we can now grow back fingers (and possibly other body parts). There’s also no, or far less, scarring involved.

How Does Matristem Wound Powder Work?
The powder keeps the wound from healing and as a result the body focuses on creating new cells. Its main mechanism has to do with the fact that the body doesn’t have to regenerate so much extracellular matrix on its own.

Because the wound is covered in extracellular matrix there’s an increase of regenerative cells which are able to regrow the tissue. I’d like to compare it with a collapsed brick house of which the presence of the steel framework determines whether or not it can be rebuild the way it was.

The patient’s own cells and blood vessels grow into the material; it is completely absorbed, leaving behind new tissue instead of scar tissue. Source: Acell.

MatriStem Wound Powder vs. MatriStem Wound Care Matrix
Matristem is currently available in sheet and micronized particle form (powder). Ask your surgeon, dermatologist, or other health care professional about. This product is exclusively available commercially by keepers of a pharmacy license.

Is MatriStem™ Powder Safe?
For these and answers to other questions, on for example side effects and how to use instructions, visit this Finger Amputation Patient pdf file.

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