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Post-Operative Scar Treatment: How To Improve Surgical Scars

It is true that even cosmetic surgeons can’t operate without leaving marks. If you have surgery, you will have scars. Sometimes they are placed as unobtrusive as possible (in case of cosmetic surgery). When undergoing normal surgery the scars will … Continue reading

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Vitamin E For Scar Tissue, Does It Work?

No, vitamin E does NOT improve scars. There is no scientific evidence confirming this claim. In fact, some studies do demonstrate vitamin E may cause skin irritation which actually worsen scarring. Anecdotal reports also mention widened scars after using vitamin … Continue reading

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Types of Scar Tissue

There are different types of scarring. It is important to distinguish between these types and their characteristics in order to choose the right treatment. Different types of scars include: Flat, Pale Scars This type is most common and these scars … Continue reading

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Mole Removal Scar Treatment

Mole removal is, in many cases, done for cosmetic reasons. The downside of his procedure is the reasonable chance on a scar (in many cases scarring after mole removal is inevitable). Though, most people will agree that a well healed … Continue reading

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