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Scar Itch Relief

Do your scars itch? This post is about why scars itch and how to get some scar itch relief. Fresh scars tend to itch more often but also older scars, especially surgery scars, may itch. Even scars that are years … Continue reading

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Scar Massage Therapy

Here are a few home scar massage techniques. Scar massage can be administered by a trained physician or be done at home by yourself. The advantage of consulting a scar massage therapist is that you will learn the proper technique. … Continue reading

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Scar Massage Therapy Benefits

Disfiguring scars can drastically affect someones well being, both physical and psychological. That’s why treating scars the best way possible can be very important. Scar massage is a way of taking action and part of the ‘doing all you can … Continue reading

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