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InviCible Scar Treatment Review, Does InviCible Work?

InviCible Scars is a silicone gel based product which makes it interesting to review since silicones are clinically proven to improve scar appearance. InviCible Scars is designed to improve the appearance of various types of scars and claims to also … Continue reading

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ScarAway’s New Silicone Massage Applicator

ScarAway, the creator of high quality silicone scar sheets has recently launched a new product. It’s a Silicone Gel Scar Diminishing Serum Massaging Applicator. Since both silicones, and in lesser extent, massage are proven effective scar treatments this product combines … Continue reading

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Natural, Herbal Scar Treatment with Quantum Derma Scar Reducing Cream

If there is an all-natural, herbal scar reducing cream that may actually work I guess it must be Quantum Derma’s cream. Reason? Because it does contain some promising ingredients. This cream is said to reduce the appearance of both new … Continue reading

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Neaclear Scar Advantage

Neaclear Scar Advantage is a product I hadn’t heard of before (although it has been around for a while). Just yesterday I stumbled upon it when reading articles written by cosmetic and plastic surgeons. One of these health care practitioners … Continue reading

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Has Anyone Tried Revitol Scar Removal Cream?

I was recently informed about a new scar product called Revitol Scar Removal Cream and I was wondering if it really works. I have no personal experience with it nor could I find any trustworthy user reviews online. So if … Continue reading

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Laserfade Gel Review

Laser Fade scar gel is actually roughly the same product as ScarFade. The difference is that Laserfade gel contains additional ingredients such as Vitamin K, Vitamin E, and Co-Enzyme Q-10. These additional ingredients, some of which antioxidants, are thought to … Continue reading

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Retinol Creams Useful in Scar Treatment?

A few studies have demonstrated that topical retinoic acid (the strongest form of vitamin A) has beneficial effects on scar appearance. However, because of the, sometimes serious, possible side effects associated with this type of treatment its use is disencouraged … Continue reading

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Studies on Prescription Vitamin A Creams (Retinoic Acid) for Scars

Vitamin A comes in several forms. The strongest is called retinoic acid which, because of its strength, may cause adverse reactions. Therefore, this active form of retinol is not suited to all skin types. Retinoic acid creams are only available … Continue reading

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ScarGuard MD Review

ScarGuard MD ScarCare is a silicone* based cream that dries to a thin film after application. Scarguard Labs (the manufacturer) states that: “many doctors use ScarGuard MD for old, raised scars, keloids, and to help prevent scar tissue from forming … Continue reading

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Scar Itch Relief

Do your scars itch? This post is about why scars itch and how to get some scar itch relief. Fresh scars tend to itch more often but also older scars, especially surgery scars, may itch. Even scars that are years … Continue reading

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