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How Smoking Affects Scarring

We all know smoking is bad for your skin. It also has a detrimental effect on scars. In fact it slows the healing process of both wounds and scars. Scars are more likely to become wide, thick, and red. To … Continue reading

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Best Eyelid Surgery Scar Treatment

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) scars should be treated with even more caution and care than normal scars. Since they are located near the eyes and because the skin in this area is very delicate extra care is recommended. All surgical scars … Continue reading

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New Anti-Ageing Cream May Cause Revolution in Wrinkle Treatment

A new cream has just been brought to the market. Produced with high-tech equipment and standards this product is a promising new addition to the existing anti-aging creams. The thing that makes this product so unique is that is makes … Continue reading

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5 Breast Augmentation Scar Treatment Tips

One of the most difficult things someone can go through after having a successful breast augmentation procedure performed is to unwrap the surgical dressings for the final time only to discover what will be a tremendous scar. Even when the … Continue reading

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InviCible Scar Treatment Review, Does InviCible Work?

InviCible Scars is a silicone gel based product which makes it interesting to review since silicones are clinically proven to improve scar appearance. InviCible Scars is designed to improve the appearance of various types of scars and claims to also … Continue reading

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Post-Operative Scar Treatment: How To Improve Surgical Scars

It is true that even cosmetic surgeons can’t operate without leaving marks. If you have surgery, you will have scars. Sometimes they are placed as unobtrusive as possible (in case of cosmetic surgery). When undergoing normal surgery the scars will … Continue reading

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Dark Scar Treatment With Lightening Creams That Work

Scars that are brown or otherwise dark colored can be lightened. This, however, will take some time because they will not fade overnight. Obviously, in order to lighten dark scars, you will have to use a product that actually works. … Continue reading

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Best Treatment For Raised Scars

The best, and actually only proven effective, risk-free, treatment for raised scars is topical silicone gel sheeting. In this study, published in Dermatologic Surgery in 2001 researchers conclude: Topical silicone gel sheeting, with a 20-year history of satisfaction in dermatology, … Continue reading

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Scar On Face Treatment

Generally scars on the face are the result of acne lesions or injuries. The type of scar determines which treatment is appropriate. Once facial skin has been injured, e.g. due to an accident or surgery, scar tissue will develop. Most … Continue reading

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Vitamin E For Scar Tissue, Does It Work?

No, vitamin E does NOT improve scars. There is no scientific evidence confirming this claim. In fact, some studies do demonstrate vitamin E may cause skin irritation which actually worsen scarring. Anecdotal reports also mention widened scars after using vitamin … Continue reading

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