Scar treatment misconceptions are omnipresent. When I was in need for advice I regarding scars treatment I walked into a wall of ignorance. I am not exaggerating because not only did my doctor not know anything about this subject. No, even the first few dermatologists I visited couldn’t tell me anything useful!

When searching online we all scan pages and decide in a split second whether or not a page is worth visiting. Most websites provide much more of the same information we just don’t need. Or you have to dig through lots of rabble rabble to find the one piece of info you were looking for. My goal is to do this differently. To provide an oasis of trustworthy info people with scars really can benefit from. Also, as the owner of this website I receive a commission on products purchased through this site.

Especially when it comes to scar treatment there are many popular beliefs and myths. Having had to deal with multiple surgical and injury scars on different parts of my body I have gained some experience regarding this subject. My determination to provide the best scar treatment available for myself has led to the insights I will share on this blog.

The focus of this scartreatmentblog is on hypertrophic, keloid and burn scars, on the best products, on treatments and actions and especially on my own experiences replenished with conclusions of clinical trials, studies and links to reports.

Don’t hesitate to ask me any question or concern you are dealing with. I might not be able to answer them all because sometimes a professional medical practitioner should be consulted but we can learn from each other by sharing our thoughts and experiences.

Regards, Beas (Tim van Lint)

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